Now Pay Attention! Want My Book Free? Thirsty for Blood? Dare to Blog?
Now Pay Attention! Want My Book Free? Get to Know Me Thirsty for Blood? Dare to Blog?

"I'm amazed. And disturbed. Emma saw Hungary emerge from the grave of Communism in the 90ies into the cradle of freedom. Now, barely two decades later I see America heading into the same grave. History has proven over and over that Communism is a failure. Do NOT go there, America!

Steve Kingsley
Newmedia Publishing

From grave to my ebook cradle

Don't tell me. I do know how the saying goes. I use it this way to illustrate how my story has metamorphosed into a live electronic form that you can preview below, courtesy of Scribd.

In a way this is also the story of ebook, says my publisher
Newmedia Publishing. They've done a marvelous job of putting Predatoress on Google Books, Feedbooks, the Amazon Kindle, the iPod and iPhone, the Sony eReader, along with an ever growing number of web and mobile distributors. After a decade of teething pains, ebooks and readers are now becoming ubiquitous. I'm grateful to be able to share my book with you here.

You want your own giveaway copy too? It's right here for you to download free, or
to purchase:

The PDF ebook file for your computer and Kindle

* USE "Save Linked File As" to transfer it to your
computer. Upload to your Kindle reader from it. Enjoy,
if you dare...!

Free at last!

July 4, 2009

is the day when the story of my life emerged from its bloody existence.

Are YOU ready for what's to come? Because,

from now on...

I PROMISE to bring you into my circle. Tell you everything as it happens. Are YOU game for my blog? Committed to following me on Face-book? And tweet me at my every whim?

Here you go!

Blood Predatoress blog

Emma Gabor's Facebook profile

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This way I can make my journey into the world of the Undead both enticing and awe inspiring to YOU....

Blood-soaked horror? Vampire lore? Dark desires? Sex and love? Yearning to be human again?

This will be a trip you'll never forget!
Now Pay Attention! Want My Book Free? Get to Know Me Thirsty for Blood? Dare to Blog? Contact Privacy

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