Want My Book Free? Get to Know Me Thirsty for Blood? Dare to Blog?
Now Pay Attention! Want My Book Free? Get to Know Me Thirsty for Blood? Dare to Blog?

"Some people despise the word 'hope' because it defers to the future a happiness that should be experienced in the here and now. Thus people put off present-time fulfillment in the hope that one day they might experience happiness."


Contact me. Communicate with me. Now.

I need your help. Becoming human again is hard. Life is fraught with challenges. Staying human may not be worth it if you abuse my trust. I don't know yet if my cure is permanent. Do you want to turn me back into a raging vampire to attack you if you spam me? Send me inappropriate messages? Misbehave?

Trust me. You do NOT want to arouse my ire. But if you tell the truth and write with respect, I'll be your friend forever.

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Do you like blogging, Twitter, or Facebook more? Do you crave to be on the bleeding edge? Frequent my blog. Use my Facebook and Twitter widgets. You'll find them in the nex column on the right. As we meet through one or more of these channels, I want you to understand one thing above all:

Your mortality is blessed. Make the most of it and I'll be your fan. Otherwise....

Free at last!

July 4, 2009

is the day when the story of my life emerged from its bloody existence.

Are YOU ready for what's to come? Because,

from now on...

I PROMISE to bring you into my circle. Tell you everything as it happens. Are YOU game for my blog? Committed to following me on Face-book? And tweet me at my every whim?

Here you go!

Blood Predatoress blog

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This way I can make my journey into the world of the Undead both enticing and awe inspiring to YOU....

Blood-soaked horror? Vampire lore? Dark desires? Sex and love? Yearning to be human again?

This will be a trip you'll never forget!
Now Pay Attention! Want My Book Free? Get to Know Me Thirsty for Blood? Dare to Blog? Contact Privacy

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